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Enagic’s Leveluk SD501 has 7 plates, each measuring 4 ¾ x 7 inches. This equates to the greatest number of plates, the greatest plate size, and the greatest total surface area of any ioniser on the market today. That’s 400% more surface area than any other ioniser.

Why is the Enagic Water Machine the Best?

It’s the ONLY Ioniser Medically approved, recommended and used by over 6500 Doctors and Hospitals. It’s also the ONLY Ioniser approved by the DSA.

Some manufacturers use mesh plates to increase the surface area. Mesh plates can improve overall efficiency but they have several drawbacks. Mesh plates tend to break down due to expansion and contraction caused by the heat of electrolysis. Cracks expose titanium to the water and require more frequent replacement and repair. Mesh plates also collect hard water deposits and require more frequent cleaning. In areas with hard water (most of the country) an ionizer with mesh plates will have a much shorter life span. Some manufacturers even void their warranty when hard water is used. Solid plates are thicker and better constructed which means many years of trouble free use and because they are solid and smooth, that reduces the tendency of calcium and other tough minerals to get wedged in or stick simply because the plates are smooth.

Solid vs. Mesh Plating

The plates of an ioniser are like the engine of a car. They are directly responsible for the quality of the resulting water. Just as the size and the number of cylinders determine the efficiency of an engine, electrode plate size and surface area determine the effectiveness and the efficiency of a water ioniser. Platinum is universally accepted as the best material for water electrolysis because it is non-reactive and because it is an excellent conductor. Titanium is a dense, durable metal, but it is also very reactive and should not be directly exposed to water during electrolysis. While some manufacturers use stainless steel or other alloys, the most reputable companies use titanium and platinum. All Enagic ionisers use platinum-coated, titanium electrodes. Because the titanium plates are DIPPED into high grade platinum, there is a much heavier and consistent layer of platinum over the titanium plates. Unlike the mesh plates, there is no exposed titanium.

The consistency and amount of platinum on the plates

The high, 8-9.5 pH, hexagonal, ion-rich, drinking water is an anti-oxidant having comprehensive health benefits as the ideal free radical scavenger and detoxifier, delivering high alkaline, oxygen rich, hydration to the cells, unlike any known liquid.

8.5 - 9.5 pH Alkaline Drinking Water

Enagic ionisers produce water with seven different pH levels as outlined below:

The Range of pH settings

The 2.5 pH acidic water (hypochlorous acid) is the best disinfectant and sanitizer available, killing virus or bacteria such as salmonella, anthrax spores and ecoli within 30 seconds of contact, with zero hazard or environmental impact, beating any chemical based product on the market. This type of acid water was recently approved by the FDA and the USDA for food handling and preparation.

2.5 pH Strong Acid Water

Acidic Water with a pH between 4.0 to 6.0 is not suitable for drinking but is suitable for your skin and is otherwise known as beauty water. This is nature's natural astringent that has the power to tighten substances and thus will firm up your skin. Weak acid water is used for beauty, cleaning, and boiling certain types of food.

4.0 - 6.0 pH Acidic Water (Beauty Water)

Clean water with a pH of 7.0 is suitable for drinking. Clean water is ideal for taking medications, prescriptions and baby formula.

7.0 pH Clean Water (Neutral)

No other water ionisers can effectively make strong acidic water 2.5pH and strong alkaline water up to 11.5pH. and most are not able to do this at all.

Strong Kangen Water is used very effectively on cleaning the oily insecticides and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

The super-high 11.5 pH water (sodium hydroxide) emulsifies oil, fat and grease on contact and was also recently approved in the USA for use to de-contaminate produce. A national carpet cleaning company began using it exclusively to clean carpets without chemicals.

11.5 pH Strong Kangen Water

One of the reasons that the life of an Enagic ionizers is so extensive is due to their self-cleaning capacity. With proper care, Enagic ionizers are built to last a lifetime When necessary, parts can be easily replaced or repaired. The Leveluk SD501 is also backed by a 5 year parts and labour warranty—the longest warranty available in the market today.

The Warranty

Enagic is not an assembly manufacturer, every conceivable part is manufactured in-house including the shipping materials. Each unit is completely assembled by a single technician from start to finish.This in return increases the quality control significantly.

The machine manufacturing

Power output (wattage), is an important factor in the electrolysis process. A higher wattage machine is more effective in the same way that a higher wattage light bulb produces more light. The Leveluk SD501 uses 230 watts of power. Other machines on the market use between 80 and 200 watts of power. This means that the Leveluk SD501 can sustain a greater water output. It can also support increased ionization of the resulting water.

The power supply energizing the plates

The only device in Japan that is recommended and recognized by a non-profit organization (The Japanese Association of Preventative Medical for Adult Diseases.) made up of over 7,000 Doctors and Surgeons in Japan. Enagic is recognized because its products are high quality and relevant for hospitals.

ISO Certifications

Enagic™ has been awarded Certificate # ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for its most environmentally friendly products as well as for its rigerous quality materials and construction. Additionally, these two prestigious awards recognize Enagic™ as a leader in REDUCING MEDICAL COSTS IN JAPAN. (ISO9001) (ISO14001)

On April 18, 2004 Enagic received the International Earth Environment University (IEEU) achievement for outstanding Achievement in the environmental sciences and the Linus Pauling International Earth Environmental Roundtable (IEER). (IEEUCertificate.pdf)

Awarded ISO 13485:2003. This award certifies that Enagic uses the Management System Standards of the Design and Manufature of Electrolysis Water Generators for MEDICAL and General use. (Management-Cert.pdf)

Recognized by The Geriatric Disease Prevention Association. (GeriatricPrevention.pdf)  


In January 2003, Enagics’ International Operations began and they started branching out to different parts of the world including setting up their headquarters in the United States and Canada that same month under Enagic U.S.A.™ (a subsidiary of Enagic). Today, in North America, there are headquarters in Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu, New York, Canada and have also opened offices in Europe. Enagic is a strong and reliable company, and is 100% debt free.


The Company and Mr. Hironari Oshiro

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hironari Oshiro

A message from

Hironari Oshiro

President & CEO

Enagic USA, Inc.

Enagic celebrated its 30th year in June 2004 as a specialized manufacturer of high quality water generating systems. Today Enagic's pledge to realize a revolution in True Health - in the form of physical health, economic health and mental health - is supported by a multitude of people.

The human body is comprised of 70% water. It is no exaggeration to say that "the basis of vitality and long life is water." Enagic offers safe water that can be used with confidence to benefit health, beauty, sanitation and cuisine.

The size of the plates in surface area

Important Company Information

In June 2004, The Enagic™ Company celebrated its 30th year anniversary as a leading producer for Water Ionisers in Japan and the Kangen Water™ they produce.

Enagic™ actually started in Tokyo, Japan back in June of 1974. During that period up until now, The Enagic™ Company has sold well over 400,000 water ionisers in Japan alone including well over 100 hospitals who are using these water ionizers to treat their patients.

Enagic is an integrated development, manufacturing, sales and service company. Today, as the graying of society continues, a major company theme is the active use of "Kangen" and acidic water in the battle against aging.

As the evolution of information technology continues we have entered the age of "human technology marketing." Market vitality now depends upon a merging of high technology and the "high touch" relationship between human beings. Enagic is teaming up with an international network of offices and numerous distributors around the world to spread the word "water and health" while building a global company with worldwide operations.


  1. The size of the plates in surface area
  2. The consistency and amount of platinum on the plates
  3. Solid vs. Mesh Plating
  4. The Range of pH settings
  5. The power supply energizing the plates
  6. The machine manufacturing
  7. The Warranty
  8. ISO Certifications
  9. Important Company Information
  10. The Company and Mr. Hironari Oshiro

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